Space Junk, lots of Tech and a brand new Javascript class

This Saturday we’ll holding our final Scratch class of this season at 4:00pm, one called Space Junk, which I believe might be the first time we’re doing this project. It’s a good one to end the course with, as it brings together a number of concepts learnt in a fun way and means everyone has a new game they can share with their friends. This will be followed by the Advanced Scripting for Roblox, a course that is making fantastic progress.

If you’re signed up to CoderDojo, you’ll have noticed that we’ve announced a new class: Beginning Javascript. This is aimed at more advanced students than usual, as we need a basic understanding of HTML and CSS to get most benefit out of the class. As usual, there’s no upper age limit, but anyone below 10 will probably struggle with this one. We’ll have a Scratch repeat in the near future, so please sign up to our CodeDojo so you’ll know what that starts:

Speaking about future sessions, we’re also planning a “Twine for Girls” class where we’ll be focussing on building stories and imaginary worlds using Twine. We’ll also be announcing this on CoderDojo in the next few days, so keep a look out as places are limited.

A quick note that the Twilight Tech session that was scheduled for this Thursday (Introduction to Voice Interfaces using Alexa) has been shifted to next week. We still have a couple of seats available, so if you want to join us, you can book in here:

That’s all for this week. As always, we’re constantly looking for technology enthusiasts to come join us, whether it’s to work on your own projects or to help teach others. We’ve had some older members using the space to do some self-driven training, in an environment where they can easily ask someone for help. If you feel this is for you, come and join us. Alternatively, we’re always looking for donations off our wishlist:

See you Saturday!