Resuming classes after the TT break

It’s been a great TT break (though the weather did let us down!), but it’s now time for or current students to come back to Code Club to continue with their Scratch and HTML/CSS classes. Classes will resume today at the regular time, continuing off where we left off. As usual, Scratch will run at 4pm and HTML/CSS at 5pm.

If you’re interested (or know someone interested) in joining one of our future classes, they can be signed up at our Code Dojo page here: – We use CoderDojo to announce new classes when they start and people signed up here get notification before anyone else.

In the meantime though, we always have lots of hands on technology to explore, from VR headsets to robots. And we’re always looking for volunteers to come share what they know and get access to space to pursue their hobbies,. So if you’re passing by the Eagle Lab this afternoon, come and say Hi!