Presenting App Inventor – An introduction

As part of my work with the BCS here in the Isle of Man, last night I gave a presentation on App Inventor to a group of local ICT teachers. To give some context to this, the BCS are running a Mobile App Competition aimed at students engaged in secondary or further education, based in the Isle of Man, between the ages of 11‐21. Students may enter individually or as a group but need to be sponsored by a relevant teacher or lecturer within their school or college. In addition to the £1,000 first prize, the top three entries will receive assistance with publishing and marketing their applications on Google Play™. App Inventor was chosen as it provides a good basis for students to experiment with programming concepts, while also giving access to a real-life context, both in terms of sensors and data; as well as capabilities that can be used more widely.

I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation, which was really designed to become more of a discussion forum than anything else. We talked through the technology, built a demo app together and had a general chat about issues, successes and the way forward. For those who are interested, here’s a copy of the slides:

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