New Venue – New Classes!

We’re starting a new set of classes right after Easter, on the 27th of April and these are perfect for those looking to get started with coding. They are both beginner classes, perfect for 8-12 year olds, but also a good start for anyone older who would like to try their hand at coding. The classes are:

  • Learn to Code with Scratch – 6 sessions starting running from 27th April till 1st June
  • HTML/CSS for Juniors – 6 sessions starting running from 27th April till 1st June

Both are available to book on our CoderDojo site here:

You’ll notice that both these classes are running in a new venue. We’ll be running these classes at Barclays Eagle Lab, at Queen Victoria House, opposite Artisan (the old Manx Telecom shop) and trying out this venue for our activities. It’s a larger space than what we’ve been occupying, so will give us the opportunity to cater for more kids, hobbyists and enthusiasts. We’re starting off with these classes, but we have lots more planned, and always happy to welcome new volunteers and people with ideas and skills they want to share. So come look us up, we’ll be at Eagle Lab from 27th April onwards, between 4:00pm and 6:00pm.