New Java, Last Scratch, then we start again!

This Saturday we have the last Scratch lesson of the series, a great lesson called ‘Create Your Own World’. And as we already have a waiting list full of people ready to start the next course, we’ll be rolling right into the next course next Saturday. I’ll be dropping an email to all those on the waiting list just as a reminder to come and start their classes. We’re also starting our ‘More Java’ class this Saturday, for those who have just finished their ‘Starting Java’ class. Remember, Java is at 4:00pm and Scratch at 5:00pm.

We also have our other Code Club activities available. From 3D printing and 3D design, all the way to Codebugs, Raspberry Pis, Arduinos, Virtual Reality and a whole bunch of other technologies to play with. The Code Bus will be open for anyone who wants to explore and we’ll have a whole bunch of things you can experiment and learn with.

So come down to Code Club this Saturday. We look forward to welcoming you!