More Javascript, Twine and Robotics

This Saturday we’ll be continuing our Javascript class at 4:00pm. We took a deep dive into variables last week, covering string, numeric and boolean variables and learning all sorts of things we could do with them, particularly as Javascript is loosly typed. This week we’ll be focusing on arrays, and building programs to take advantage of these data strutures. The Twine for girls class will also be running at 4:00pm moving on to creating new and exciting creations. The Roblox Scripting group will then be meeting at 5:00pm as usual.

As always, there will be other activities around Robotics, 3D printing and lots more at Code Club. So if you want to try out something new, just pop in. Our classes are currently full, so if you want to join one in the future, please get your name down at our CoderDojo site:

We’re looking for feedback on organising classes outside our normal 4-6 slot, particularly if we had to organise something on a Saturday morning. How would this work for you? What subjects would you be after and particularly, is there anything you would like to help us deliver?

See you Saturday!