Ghostbusters and Robotics

This Saturday we’re be running a Scratch session titled Ghostbusters, which is the first time our Scratch class will be looking at the mechanics of creating a game. Should be great fun and if you haven’t done this session yet please come and join us at 5:00pm. Scratch does make it easy to give life to your ideas and this session is always fun to run. We don’t have any Java this week, but will be using the lecture room to play with some Virtual Reality/Augmented reality at 4:00pm so if you haven’t seen these yet come look us up.

We’ll be doing robotics in the MICTA lounge, with Lego Mindstorms, Codebugs and a variety of other bits and pieces you can create. We’ll also have 3D printing and all sorts of other activities around Code Club, so we’re looking forward to seeing you there!