Cybercenturion Update – Round 1

We have an update from Adam about how the Isle of Man team got on in Round 1 of the Cybercenturion competition:

Today (this was posted on Saturday), as I am sure most of you know, was round 1 of CCIV.

We did extremely well, with me & Jack scoring 94 (19/20) on the Windows 7 Image, and with Xifong and (most of) Ben scoring 92 (19/21) on the Ubuntu 14.04 Image. (I say most of because he helped us with Windows too)

There was also lots of vocal (and visual) support from
-Jack’s Dad (Jamie)
And other people throughout the afternoon who were helpful.

I think that the strategy of having two people on each image is a good strategy, as one person can be controlling the image whilst the other does research, or at least one person per image with all others helping with research or support.

That’s a fantastic result from the team and we hope they have similar results in the next 2 rounds. Who knows, they might score high enough to be invited to represent the Isle of Man in the National Finals in March. Great work guys! Here are some photos from the session: