Code Club at #IsleExpo

We’re really excited that be running an evening slot at IsleExpo this week! It’s the Isle of Man’s first business expo and has been devised by the Department of Economic Development as a one-day conference to inspire local enterprise and encourage businesses to relocate to the Island. The conference will run through the whole day on Wednesday 25th May. We’ll be running a hands-on session between 5:00pm and 8:00pm and invite everyone to come and visit us.

Our theme will be Gaming: Past, Present and Future and we’ll be having a number of gaming platforms for people to explore and try out. We’ll be showing off some old machines and some of the games that kept us busy 20 years ago! For those who remember the original Space Invaders, Pacman and many others this will be a blast from the past. And we’ll also be showing off some Virtual Reality headsets (and Augmented Reality of course) to show where gaming is heading and some of the fantastic opportunities in this space.

Finally, if you’ve come to Code Club before and have built your own games, we’ll be providing a space for you to show off some of the things you’ve done! And as this is an interactive session, if you want to come and show us what you’re playing, come along and bring your own games (any bets on how much Minecraft we’re going to see?), we’d be delighted if you can share your stories with us!

So come and visit our stand this Wednesday 25th at 5:00pm in the Promenade Suite. See you there!