Clone Wars, Roblox, WordPress, Alexa and much more

This Saturday at 16:00 we’ll be running our penultimate Scratch session of this term, a session called Clone Wars where the class will be creating a shoot-em-up using all the things they have learnt in Scratch so far. As with all our sessions, it’s great fun with lots to learn. At 17:00 we’ll be continuing our Advanced Roblox Scripting class. The Scratch class is scheduled to have its last session next week and we’re planning a Javascript course next, so keep an eye on CoderDojo for when it’s announced.

We’ll also be doing some 3D printing, game development and building for Alexa at Code Club this Saturday, so if any of that sounds interesting, please come and join us.

We’re looking to run a ‘Joy of Maths’ session in February, aimed at showing youngsters where they can learn more maths online and have a local mathematician who can help. Contact us if you’re interested in finding out more.

A couple of events for adults:

We’re always looking for new events to put on, so if you can volunteer some time to run a lecture or a project group, please get in touch. You can also help but contributing something off our Wishlist: