Chilling with a Boat Race

As per our post last week, we’re taking it easy over TT, not starting any new classes but we still have a few things going on for those who want to join us. Our Scratch class is continuing with Boat Race at 5:00pm, a cute little game that teaches the basics of 2D games. And at 4:00pm we’ll continue our Cybersecurity wargame, we managed to make some decent progress last week, let’s see how far we can go this time!

We also have other bits you can play with while you’re here. From Lego Mindstorms, Codebugs and other bits of hardware, all the way to 3D printers, Virtual Reality and remote control devices. So, if you’re not into the Manx TT, then come along and join us. We’re always looking for coders to come visit.